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Who We Are

We are a product design agency that delivers meaningful results to our clients.

We are an award-winning, creative and friendly bunch of professional designers and engineers with a broad experience that can inject new and strong ideas into your project. We want to help you achieve things. It gives us a real buzz.

Strong Ideas

Our main strengths would be our ability to solve technical problems that others cannot and to put forward concepts that are very much commercially realistic for your company. How do we know? Simple, clients have told us.

Cost-effective Design

We produce designs that achieve your targets. We have seen the approach of some agencies and, frankly, it’s not good. It wastes clients’ money and sometimes ends in no result at all. We make sure the brief is dead right to start with and that our ideas and concepts are bang on target. This is ‘cost effective design’ not just design.


We have a multi-disciplined and friendly design team. We have in-house product designers who bring huge creativity, and our design engineers who bring years of practical engineering experience. We also utilise an excellent freelance network when needed as well as our trusted supplier contacts. So we have a high level of capability that consistently enables us to punch above our weight and deliver our clients’ project goals on time and to the highest standards.


Martyn is perfectly placed to lead the team, having had many years’ experience in engineering and product design in a range of industries, including engineering experience with Formula 1 team Williams F1, Indy cars and Le-Mans cars and even designing MRI scanners. There is no technical challenge that fazes him. Being a business owner and having taken products to market, Martyn also has the strong commercial awareness needed to make designs successful. You will find him friendly, approachable and always willing to be as helpful as possible.

Commercially Aware

We have taken our own products to market. We know the pain. We have been through the whole process: from idea through to finished product on the shelf, including all manufacturing, compliance testing, IP protection and product launch marketing. The whole thing. We know the pitfalls, the ups and the downs.

Designs that produce results

Because of this we focus very strongly on what the client actually needs to achieve things for their business and not just on doing fancy design work.

What do you mean ?

We like to set clear project goals and then reality check designs against these in the early stages to make sure they stand up to real world scrutiny.
This may be as simple as obtaining estimates for the cost of a proposed part or making certain it can be made. We can also suggest a ‘minimum viable product’ if timescales are tight. We used to think most designers did this type of thing for clients but, amazingly, we’ve found they often don’t. Easy when it is not your money being spent.

We would love to explain more, so how about book a meeting with us and lets see how we can help you.