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Product Design Case Studies

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Below is just a small selection of our projects

Suit carrier system

Freefold is an award-winning product that keeps suits crease-free when commuting or traveling.

mainline socket

Sliding power track

Mainline is an alternative to fixed sockets. With this system you can put the sockets wherever you want. Just twist and move.



Pavement Generator

This project was the design of electricity generating pavement tiles. D&P carried the product through technical development to create an impressive sustainable solution.


iPad Cabinet

This project involved the design of a storage cabinet for tablets. Both the technicalities and the aesthetics of the product were the work of D&P.

Moses Basket

Trendy Moses basket

‘Moba’ is a modern day take on the Moses basket. It has now been taken on by retailer John Lewis.

mainline case study

Mainline Terminal Block

The ‘Terminal Block’ within Mainline sliding powertrack was not perfectly suited for use. So D+P took on the job of improving it.

cycling technology

Pedals that power you

The Britt Pedal instantly converts a standard bike into an electric bike. It gives up to 125 watts of power assist to the rider.


Smartphone Access Control

A device which allows access to buildings using a smartphone. This was designed for a market leading company in the access control industry.

Paxton Access Control

Door entry system

The Paxton ‘Net 2 Paxlock’ Is a high spec access control system with an extremely reliable mechanism within a very slim housing.

guitar amp

Valve powered guitar amp

Many valve powered amps sound great at full blast, but you cannot have that same sound practicing in your bedroom. This amp uses the latest Pro-Audio Technology so that you can do just that.



Focus SB

The project was to design a detailed concept for a flush mounted plug socket, the client was then able to use their own facilities to complete the project.


Dentisits Equipment

This project was to design dentists equipment with a difference. This is a product, not for the patient, but for the benefit of the Nurse and the Dentist.


Baby Feeder

This project was the design of a baby feeding device that allows more convenience.

Seventowns little boys toys

Toy Trike

Our client needed design expertise to help
with their new product range of boys toys.



Rollerball Pens

This project was to design a rollerball pen for a new lifestyle brand.

Electric Golf Caddy

Compact electric golf caddy

The ‘Eagle Compact’ powered golf caddy folds away so small that you can get 4 in an average car boot.

Replica Formula 1

Full scale show cars

This was a project to produce 16 full-size replica F1 show cars of a well-known team. It was a mixture of bespoke designed and genuine F1 parts.



Trials Motorbikes

This project was to design a new type of trials bike frame for a well known name in the sector.


Plumbing Tool

This project was to design a plumbing tool to inject into the kit of either a professional or homeowner. The project involved mechanical engineering, aesthetic design and usability design.


Shin Guard

This project was the design of a new type of shin guard for youth football players.


Make Up Box

This project was the design of a modular make up box. We developed all elements of the design, the client was set on a very simple aesthetic. So we delivered exactly what they asked for.


Personal Intimacy Aid

This project was the design of a personal intimacy aid for a gap in the market.



This project was the design of a RFID tag within a novel housing. This required extensive materials expertise which D&P have within their toolkit.


Twin dose vaccinator

Take a classic and well-loved product and double its power. The client wanted a twin dose vaccinator to add to their product range. We took this from idea right through to full scale manufacture.



Baby sling with a difference

This project was taken from idea through to working prototype.