Main Line

Often, when a product we have worked on has success, clients ask us to continue working on a product to refine certain areas further, ‘Mainline’ (see mainline case study) is a key example of this kind of relationship. We were approached by Mainline, to develop a part of the product called the ‘terminal block’. This is the part of the track that connects the power to it.

What  is  Mainline?main-line-half-half-pic

Mainline is a sliding power track system that is a 21st century way of providing power to the user both in domestic and commercial settings.

project # 1 – TERMINAL BLOCK

Advantages  of  the new  design

  • Easier to fit
  • Cheaper to manufacture
  • Over moulded to be one part
  • Terminals re-designed to run cooler
  • Much better aesthetics
  • Improved cable clamp

The old terminal block had evolved from another design so wasn’t perfectly suited for purpose.  After understanding the brief clearly, we came up with 2 concepts for a new design. One of which was chosen and is shown here in prototype form. This product is still
in the testing stage at the time of writing..


There were several advantages to the new design.  It was easier to fit, held the cable more securely, was easier and cheaper to manufacture and best of all it just looked like a higher quality part that had been properly designed.


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