Mainline Power Track Case Study


When Mainline first approached us they already had a brilliantly innovative product that worked. And it worked very well indeed.
Like all great designs it made the complex simple. Mainline had designed a track that allowed you to reposition plugs and data
points anywhere in the room, without the need for additional sockets and expensive rewiring. Smart, eh?


Mainline had already launched their product in Australia. But they found that moving the product across markets was much more difficult than moving the sockets along the tracks.The standards and compliance demands of the UK market presented a real barrier to Mainline’s growth plans. Which is why they came to us.

Our brief was to design housings for Mainline to ensure UK standards and compliance could be met without compromising the product. In short, we were to bring this product to the UK market. From concept to design we worked closely with Mainline, presenting a number of ways that the power track solution could work, and be extended, for the UK market. The UK’s stringent electrical standards caused us headaches but we worked closely with Mainline and UK manufacturers, using plastic injection moulded components and plastic and aluminium extrusions, to bring our concepts to prototype and, finally, to production.


Mainline chose to work with us because they knew we could come up with effective solutions that would help find their fantastic product a new home. They knew that we don’t just come up with solutions: we deliver them. Right through to the end.

Here is some of what we delivered.

  • A range of concepts for making the product UK compliant.
  • CAD designs.
  • Prototyping and development.
  • Product testing.
  • Injection moulding.
  • Extrusion housing design and manufacture for UK market.
  • Obtaining UK standards approval.
  • Producing fitting instructions.
  • Engineering drawing and manufacture documentation.


For Mainline we delivered exactly what they needed. A product that was on the shelf at the distributors and was UK compliant.
We kept our focus solely on bringing their product to the market in a way that was right for the culture and regulations in the
UK. And we did this by using not only our design expertise but also our relationships with UK manufacturers.


  • A practical and flexible solution meeting the need for movable power sockets and data supply in the modern house.
  • A solution that offers drastically reduced fitting times compared to traditional socket installation.
  • A universally accepted solution.
  • A solution that can be modified and expanded in seconds.
  • A solution that looks as good as it works.
  • A product that has won numerous awards globally, including the RedDot Design Award and the Australian Design Award.

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