Small injection moulding


What is it?

This device allows the user to gain access to a building or room using a mobile smart device.
The user touches the clear window. The device immediately ‘wakes up’ and communicates with the smart device to allow
access if the person has permission.

Start to Finish
Our client is a leading brand in access control. They asked us to complete this project turn-key from start to finish as they knew we had the capability and innovative thinking to achieve it.

Whats so good about the design?
It uses a combination of a co-moulded front housing which is then sonic welded to the back housing to seal in the PCB.
This means production times are kept low. No gaskets, no screws and less labour.  It is also really easy to fit and looks great.
The client loves it !paxton-smartpoint-cs2apaxton-smartpoint-cs3a

The aesthetic brief was to create something that had its own look but also sat well within the clients’ family of products. It needed to be sleek, simple and look like a piece of technology. It also had to be neutral enough to fit in to different settings from a college to a London office block.
paxton-smartpoint-cs4developing a sealed unitpaxton-smartpoint-cs6paxton-smartpoint-cs7paxton-smartpoint-cs8paxton-smartpoint-cs9paxton-smartpoint-cs10paxton-smartpoint-cs11paxton-smartpoint-cs12paxton-smartpoint-cs13