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 Designs   that   can   lead   to  business   success

Get innovative designs that give you the edge.

There are many product designers out there but there are few who strive to understand the financial, marketing and manufacturing side to your business as well as its design needs. We do not see a project as just a design challenge but approach it as a business project. This is why our designs work for our clients: because we can see the whole picture.

“ It has been very beneficial working with D&P  “
– Adam Stroud. CEO -Paxton Group

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We have taken our own products to market. We understand it

We have taken our own products to market so we understand all the steps, have felt the pain and  can help you navigate the pitfalls. We are much more than a design agency – we aim to produce designs that increase profits. Our designs are not just elegantly fit for purpose but also perfectly suited to your project goals.
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Proven track record

We have a proven track record of innovation. We are not an expensive London agency, we are a Sussex based, high value design team who consistently produce meaningful and highly effective design results. You wont pay London fees but you will get top quality results.   Like this award winning design  > 

Design engineers with hands on experience

Our design team is a practical bunch that is never afraid to push the desks aside, switch off the computers and get hands on. We have years of engineering experience and strong mechanical aptitude. This means our team are used to the realities of manufacturing and engineering which helps them to avoid the problems further down the development line that others may face.

” Working with D&P  was a dream start to finish “
– Sam Seseman.  MD – Kaycee Veterinary Products

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Highly experienced team

We have a large pool of talent, experience and skills at our disposal. We have developed long-standing relationships with a select team of freelancers and companies so that we can offer you skills in areas that we do not have in-house.

Our team has  ….

Product Designers
Mechanical Design Engineers
Graphic Designers
Patent  Experts

Electronics Experts
Materials Experts
Ergonomics Experts
And quite a lot more…

Bring us in at any stage

We can do the whole job ‘turn key’.  Or it may be that you just have a sketch and want to get your ideas to concept stage. Or maybe your in house team has hit a brick wall ? No problem. We can bring in new ideas.

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