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We have a strong track record of creating powerful concepts for plastic products that really wow the client as well as resulting in successful products.


Because we have highly experienced design engineers on our team, you can rest assured that the concepts we put forward have been run through their paces by keen engineering eyes. We make a big effort at the concept stage to make sure we set the project off in the right direction thereby avoiding or absolutely minimising potential pitfalls.

Grounded in manufacturing reality

With many years experience of taking plastic products from idea right through to finished product, our team have the necessary experience and skills to ensure that designs are skilfully engineered and optimised for the intended manufacturing process.

Ideas v Concepts – Whats the difference? Why does this matter?

An idea is really just the spark that then leads to a fully rounded concept.

We have see many design companies that put forward “ ideas”. A sketch, a nice visual and so on.

However, a fully rounded concept document should be able to show that all areas of the brief have been covered and that each area of the proposed design has been fully thought out, is backed by the required market research if needed, and also includes enough engineering consideration. This enables the client to be confident that the design concept is viable.