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PLASTICS prototypes

Almost all products will require a prototype to be made. A good prototype is extremely important. It helps us to learn and answer questions as well as prove theories and concepts. It can also act as a showpiece to gain ‘buy in’ from investors or stake holders.


We have a large amount of experience designing and making prototypes. We have many techniques, skills and contacts to call upon. This means that we are always able to produce high quality prototypes for your project.


Prior to specialising in plastics, D&P had a history of designing a wide range of product types in a range of sectors, from baby products to tools, working with a wide range of materials, and processes. We retain this breadth of knowledge, which still helps us greatly today.


Often prototype designs have to be slightly different to the final design to enable manufacture of the prototype. There are many nuances that can be missed and pitfalls to be aware of. Our design experts have the in-depth experience and know-how to guide the design details at this crucial stage.


We have an array of techniques we can choose from. Among them are…

Rapid prototypes

3D Printing



  • FDM
  • Silicon tooled parts
  • Rapid tooled parts
  • CNC Machined parts
  • Sheet metal
  • Laser profiles
  • Handmade / Model making

Many others


Even products that are mostly plastic often have components made from other materials. As a company, we have previous experience working in plastics, metals, wood, glass, even fabrics

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