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Prototype Design & Manufacture Services


SERVICES V7-06We  have  a  lot  of  experience  designing  &  making  prototypes….

We  just  get  it  done
In  many  different  materials
We  pick  the  best  process  for  your  design
We  use  in  house  skill  &   trusted  external  suppliers

Prototypes are an essential part of the product design process. We believe that before a prototype is commissioned it should be absolutely clear to all involved exactly what it is expected to demonstrate and what is to be learned from it.

We can help you to ask the right questions before you commission a prototype to provide the answers. We have been designing, making and using prototypes to move projects forward for many years. We can pretty much handle anything – from metal to glass to fabrics – and what we cannot handle in-house we will manage for you through our trusted network of suppliers.

Once we have worked with you to clarify what the prototype is to be used for we will ensure that we make the best use of the prototype within the design process. This helps avoid unnecessary cost for you and helps make the most of your investment.

Review some of the prototypes we have produced here.

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